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Professional Consulting Services

When our customers entrust us to help deliver value from their PPM or PSA software investments, we become part of their team.  P3M Partners provides best of breed software and services to organisations such as Consultancies and IT Services Providers.  Our solutions are respected for their unmatched ability to meet critical business objectives.  We can offer a complete suite of services throughout the project lifecycle from requirements definition and software selection through planning, implementation and post-deployment advice and support. Providing thought leadership throughout drawing on many years’ experience in the market.

Experience, Integrity, Expertise and Commitment

The quality of our PSA and PPM consulting services is demonstrated by: 

  • Domain knowledge – our experience stretches back farther than the birth of the PSA and PPM sectors as we known them today.
  • Industry best practices – Since 2003 P3M Partners has built up a significant amount of best practice and industry know-how
  • Product Expertise – P3M Partners is the longest standing and most trusted Changepoint partner in Europe and the majority of our our team are long term employees possessing up to date product knowledge and certification
  • Customer commitment – long term partnership with our customers is a primary goal and we invest significantly in account management

Why Choose Us?

  • Huge Industry Experience
  • Business Outcomes Focused
  • Deep Understanding of Business Challenges
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
  • Multi-Lingual Team of Experts
  • Trusted Partner to Leading Vendors
  • Professional Account Management
  • Extensive Range of Functional & Technical Services

Our Range of Services

  • Project Planning and Control
    Assistance with developing your project plans aligned with standard implementation methodology.
  • Data Migration Coordination
    Helping you define and execute a data migration strategy to migrate historical and in-flight data to your new system.
  • Software Installation
    Assistance for on-premise customers with server sizing, preparation and software installation.
  • Upgrade Advice
    Keeping you informed of future enhancements and creating a roadmap for your system plus service pack and patching advice for on-premise customers.
  • Interface Design and Development
    Working with 3rd party systems such as HR, ERP and CRM to design and build robust integration.

  • Stakeholder Validation Presentation
    Assistance with preparing and delivering stakeholder communication and presentation.
  • Post Deployment Reviews
    We can conduct periodic reviews of your deployed solution to resolve issues, identify areas for improvement aimed at maximising adoption and value.
  • Infrastructure Hosting
    We can provide secure, scalable and reliable software hosting services from our own data centres.
  • Solution Design Facilitation
    Leading design workshops to match business requirements with software capabilities and define solutions.
  • Testing Support
    Help preparing an appropriate test strategy and support through system, integration and acceptance test phases.

  • Remote Support
    A service desk with web based portal and ticketing to assist with issues, changes and support requests.
  • Training & Training Development
    We can train your trainers and end users including assistance with the design and creation of tailored training materials.
  • Custom Reporting
    Helping you design and build new and customised reports and dashboards.
  • Software Configuration
    Helping to ensure the software is optimally configured to suit your needs and advice with ongoing configuration management.
  • Vendor Liaison
    Supporting you in vendor communications including liaison with services, product management, sales and customer support.