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    Planview Barometer


    Map your enterprise portfolios to better understand impacts, dependencies, and the complexity of relationships across your business.
    Planview Barometer brings visibility and agility to your enterprise, allowing you to manage Business and IT transformation as well as proactive portfolio management, merger and acquisition integrations and strategic planning.


    Planview Barometer is a SaaS based Enterprise Portfolio Management  application that bridges the gap between business and IT by providing timely data and insight necessary to support transformation initiatives.

    Business Challenges

    • Lack of enterprise-wide visibility
    • Inability to free resources for operational initiatives for innovation
    • IT not aligned with business objectives
    • Quantifying results for key initiatives
    • Need to reduce waste and redundancy


    Seamlessly organises your business into a single unified view

    Transformation Opportunities

    • Application Portfolio Management
    • Portfolio Alignment
    • Health/Risk Assessments
    • Governance
    • Strategic Planning
    • CMDB Implementation
    • Datacenter Consolidation
    • Merger & Acquisition Integration
    • Organisational Restructuring
    • IT Modernisation

    Transformation Challenges

    • Investments – Do you know what you have?
      • Applications, Technologies, Data, Deployments, Skills
    • Value – Do you know why you have it?
      • Capabilities, Products, Markets, Customers
    • Performance – Do you know if it is working?
      • Trends, Gaps, Compliance, Audit
    • Strategy – Do you know where you are going?
      • Impacts, Demands


    • Crowdsourcing – creating inventories of valuable information by surveying direct users. The creates a level of transparency, discussion, excitement and engagement unseen by traditional data gathering approaches.
    • Ease of Use – simple, intuitive and fast to master. Anyone can start contributing value in minutes.
    • Pivot capabilities – real time impact analysis for the entire enterprise not just at the project portfolio.
    • Analytical granularity – products, markets, customers, geographies, channels etc.
    • Comprehensive mapping – information provided by ongoing contributions is leveraged to create a map that is relational, dynamic and actionable.