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Planview Daptiv


Align projects to business strategy with flexible, industry-leading project portfolio management.
Planview Daptiv is a project portfolio management (PPM) tool designed and built with real organisations and people in mind. It delivers robust out-of-the-box PPM functionality to fit the needs of your organisation today, with the ability to customize and mould to fit the needs of your organisation tomorrow.
From project kick-off to completion, maintain total visibility over project status, keep lines of communication open, and find that you have the agility and power you need to respond if and when there’s a change.

Planview Daptiv


Planview Daptiv is the leading on-demand Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution. Planview Daptiv has helped thousands of companies improve their strategic planning and business execution.  Enterprises use Planview Daptiv to accelerate the pace of innovation, improve productivity and more effectively adapt to rapidly changing economic conditions and competitive dynamics.
Planview Daptiv helps organizations to manage demand and manage portfolios (choose the right work), manage projects and resources (do the work), and monitor performance (track the work). Planview Daptiv can be tailored to assist organisations with different business scenarios to manage their work:


  • Planview Daptiv for IT. Planview Daptiv for IT provides a comprehensive set of tools to allow businesses to manage their IT portfolio while maintaining alignment between IT initiatives and business priorities at all times.
  • Planview Daptiv for Enterprise PMO. Planview Daptiv helps companies with Enterprise Program Management – Offices (EPMO), align strategically and holistically manage work across the enterprise.

  • Planview Daptiv for PMO. Planview Daptiv helps companies with Program Management Offices (PMO), manage the schedule, budget, resources and risks over numerous projects.
  • Planview Daptiv for New Product Development (NPD). Planview Daptiv helps companies with NPD processes to shorten time to market, increase innovation, reduce new product development costs and increase innovation.


Demand Management
Why not encourage your staff to submit innovative ideas?  Use Planview Daptiv’s requests tool to submit ideas, initiatives and requests for projects/work.  Once you see it in your pipeline you can easily assess how you want to progress with each and what that means in terms of the impact on your current portfolio of work and/or you resource capacity.  Why not use your scorecard methodology embedded within Daptiv PPM to help you make your decisions quickly and easily… it’s got to be easier seeing your pipeline in one place.



Project Management
All the tools that you need to manage your projects quickly, easily and successfully.  The ability to see a full overview of your project portfolio to the individual details of your individual projects, Planview Daptiv provides all that you need to govern, execute and manage them successfully. Planview Daptiv provides you with complete transparency at all levels. You will know at any time which milestones have been achieved, which tasks have been performed on time and the overall health of your project.



Project Collaboration
Planview Daptiv allows people in your organisation to collaborate on any projects, ensuring consistent delivery and prosecution of projects.  Out-of-the-box apps allow project participants to work on Tasks, standardised documents, discussions, individual actions (eg progress Risks & Actions), in fact anything that you wish your people to contribute to. Planview Daptiv’s range of Dynamic Applications make the management of a project so much easier and all the data is in one place, consequently making project reporting simpler.



Portfolio Management
One of the biggest challenges for enterprises is knowing which projects provide the maximum benefit from your investment.  With Planview Daptiv portfolio management you can achieve that with ease.  Using your own scorecard methodology, projects can be rated to ensure the correct ones are progressed.  Aligning to your budget and resource constraints will ensure maximum benefit to your portfolio, especially when aligned to strategic objectives.



Resource Management
How do you know that you have the right resources available at the right time to work on the right projects? Planview Daptiv gives you complete visibility to current assignments and resource availability.  Whether you use the Capacity Planner to align your resources with future project demands, or the Team Manager to ensure that the right person, with the right skills is assigned to the right tasks, Planview Daptiv will help you manage the resource pool to optimum use adding value to your bottom line.



Dashboards and Reporting
Online Dashboards and reports make decision making quick and easy.  Compare project status, portfolio statistics, gain complete visibility of RAID logs and more… Planview Daptiv offers a variety of dashboards and reports – real time, controlled access rights and automated report scheduling are all included, as well as the ability to produce in a variety of presentation formats.




Planview Daptiv is provided as an on-demand “Software-as-a-Service”.  You subscribe to the service and can then make use of the software simply by logging in with the help of a browser.  All commonly used browsers (ie Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox) are supported.
The Planview Daptiv software and all of the data is stored in a secure data centre within the EU (Amsterdam) and is managed solely by Changepoint.
Compliance with European data protection regulations (especially directive 95/46 EC) is ensured by the only SaaS PPM solution to be ISO27001 certified.
How to Buy
Try it Out first.  If you still need convincing that Planview Daptiv is the right solution for you, why not use our free try out service?
We can provide you with a 30 day free trial, all we need are a few details from you and soon you will be able to experience the feature richness and user friendliness of this SaaS-based project and portfolio management software.
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But if you’ve seen all that you need to see and want to subscribe to the Daptiv PPM service, then contact us and we’ll get right on to it with you.

P3M Partners provides a range of Planview Daptiv-specific services in order that you maximise your experience of the product.


Online Product Demonstration
Upon request we can provide you a free individual online demonstration tailored to your requirements.  Alternatively, we will be happy to come to your chosen location to show you just how easy Planview Daptiv is to use.


Planview Daptiv Try-out
If you want to try Planview Daptiv out for yourself, in your time, we can provide you with a free try-out environment specifically for you.
All we need are a few details from you and soon you will be able to experience the feature richness and user friendliness of this SaaSbased project and portfolio management software.
Click here to try Planview Daptiv


Planview Daptiv Implementation
When you are ready to buy we would be happy to discuss our Planview Daptiv implementation services consultancy with you.  Tailored to your needs, the simple objective is to get you up and running and obtaining benefit as quickly as possible.  No protracted implementation involving lots of expensive consultants, our proven defined implementation methodology aims to leave you with a fully functional solution in the quickest possible time AND you with the knowledge to evolve and grow your solution.



Planview Daptiv Coaching
One of our certified Planview Daptiv consultants can guide you and your project team in implementing and evolving Daptiv PPM to match your changing business needs.
Planview Daptiv Training
P3M Partners can provide training solutions for your Planview Daptiv solution.  Whether you need training for Planview Daptiv Administrators or your user base, we can provide a broad range of options tailored to your needs.